D7 Visa

This visa is intended to attract retirees and individuals with stable incomes, allowing the holder and its family to enter Portuguese territory in order to request the subsequent Residence Permit.

Who can apply?

• Retired foreign citizens;

• Foreign citizens who live on income from movable assets, real estate, intellectual property or financial investments

What are the requirements?

In addition to the applicable generic requirements, it is necessary to prove the existence of a minimum income that makes possible the residence in Portugal. The minimum income required varies according to the number of individuals making up the applicant’s household, according to the following:

• Applicant: €7200,00 /annum;

• Adult family member (per adult): €3600,00 /annum;

• Children under age of 18 and dependent older children: €2160,00 /annum

Port’atlantic will assist with the following:

• Analysis and validation of the documents necessary for visa request;

• Monitoring of application at the Portuguese Consulate in the residency country;

• Submission and instruction of the residency permit request;

• Scheduling and monitoring of Client’s interview at Foreigners and Border Service (SEF);

• Submission and instruction of the request for residency permit renewal;

• Obtaining the Portuguese tax number;

• Any other related services.

For more information about requirements and eligible investment activities, contact us for a personalized analysis.