About Us

Because Port’Atlantic understands the challenges and possible difficulties inherent in making decisions as relevant as the change of residence to another country or the acquisition of a property, Port’Atlantic will accompany and assist its Customers in all stages of the process.

We commit ourselves to provide a complete service, being representatives of our Customers in the most diverse subjects, from the acquisition of a house to the contracting of the electric service or interior design and decoration of your new home in Portugal.

What we do


Intending to change your residence to Portugal, Port’Atlantic will analyze your needs and requirements, identifying the subjects in which it can help, which can include the application for a residence visa (Golden Visa or other), the purchase or rental of real estate, the application for equivalence or recognition of diplomas, enrollment in schools or universities.


Upon accomplishment of all the requirements to acquire Portuguese nationality, Port’Atlantic will support you throughout. From identifying and collecting the necessary documentation to the submission of the application for citizenship.

Real Estate

Considering the increasing demand in real estate in Portugal, both for investment and for housing, Port’Atlantic provides a wide range of services to its Customers, which can include, in particular the browsing and negotiation of the real estate, the execution of a legal due diligence of the property to be acquired, the draft of the promissory and the definitive purchase agreement, the assessment and payment of the related taxes and other expenses, the registration of the real estate, the transport of our Client’s furniture to the new real estate; and/or the decoration of the real estate.

Property management

Because we want to make your investments easier, Port’Atlantic offers its clients a range of real estate management services, from the follow-up of reconstruction works to the management of short-term leases (e.g. Airbnb). Our goal is to simplify and promote your investment.

Tax Consulting and Advisory

Recognizing the importance of the tax impact that an investment or residence change decision may entail for its Customers, Port’Atlantic offers a range of tax consultancy and advisory services that include the analysis of the possibility of adopting a more favorable tax regime (namely through the registration as Non-Habitual Resident), the assistance in obtaining a tax identification number, the fiscal representation of its customers, the tax restructuring of certain operations, or the filing of our Customers’ Personal Income Tax returns.

Constitution and domiciliation of businesses

Conscious of the need for the development of certain investment projects to involve the constitution of companies in Portugal, Port’Atlantic provides its Customers with all the services associated with the registration of a company in Portugal, as well as the possibility of domiciliating their companies.
At the same time, Port’Atlantic leases work spaces on a co-working basis, providing the necessary equipment for a smooth business development.